©Copyright 2009, Fire Vision Europe by Rev. Reynaldo Laudencia

Welcome to FIRE Vision initial preparation!

I praise God for each one of you who decided to take this challenge to set aside a special time. To sit at our Father’s lap, just enjoy His presence and listen with an attentive heart His desires for you and to share your dreams to Him for His Kingdom sake.


Faithful Igniters Reaching Europe is our vision. Yes, to re-evangelize Europe in order to obey & fulfil with a united heart and spirit our Lord Jesus last command and take it as a privilege and do it as our first priority - the Great Commission. Our motto "Every Faithful Christian is a Missionary, Every Nation our Mission field."


FIRE Vision is designed to: 

1) Establish a platform for us Filipinos to reach Europe for Christ providing networking, empowerment and spiritual covering. 

2) Be discipled as leaders and launch to our individual calling.

3) Do massive evangelism using creative tools.
4) Put missions as priority by exposure and involvement in various mission projects in order to fulfil the Great Commission.


As leaders, you have an immensely important role to play in extending God´s kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. May the Lord give you wisdom, strength and passion to reach out to your destiny, fulfilling God´s intentions and His original plans prepared even from the very beginning.


With love and prayers



Rev. Rey Laudencia

             FIRE VISION



A ministry affiliated with the Foursquare Church

& Youth With A Mission Europe


Here I Am, Lord - The Wilds Music


1) Passion for God - first commandment.
2) People focused leadership – emphasize the neglected second commandment.
3) Purpose oriented leadership – the great commission.
4) Team leadership – for the equipping of the saints.
5) Humility and integrity.
6) Teach what we live – “live curriculum” – to enhance and impart learning.
7) Breadth and mix operational, relational and spiritual leadership.
8) Lead with a developmental bias.
9) Application & evaluation oriented.
10) Relational and creative teaching style.
11) Spiritual leadership.
12) Multiplication concept of vision.

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